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Interview: Alesmith Brewery’s Peter Zien

Head over to The Voice of San Diego and check out their interview with Peter Zien, brewmaster of Alesmith, who recently won the Great American Beer Festival Small Brewing Company Brewer of the Year Award. P.S. The interviewer is my brother, Will Carless.

Portrait of Peter Zien. Photo by Sam Hodgson

Portrait of Peter Zien. Photo by Sam Hodgson

“Brewmaster Peter Zien took over Alesmith Brewing Co. in 2002 and has presided over a rise in output from 800 barrels a year to 2,000 barrels a year since then. Last year, the Mira Mesa-based brewery won the coveted Small Brewing Company and Small Brewing Company Brewer of the Year awards at the Great American Beer Festival.” Read The Article at…


Review: SweetWater Blue

A few years ago I visited my brother George who runs a website design company in Atlanta, Georgia. During my stay I sampled quite a few local beers, but nothing quite compared to SweetWater Blue. Last week my brother and his girlfriend flew over to visit us in England where we hosted a big party for his 32nd birthday (I brewed 10 Gallons of beer for this! More on that later..) As a surprise my brother brought me over six bottles of SweetWater Blue in his luggage! Despite being very inexperienced at reviewing beer, I decided it was an opportunity too good to miss, so read on for the review!

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