The Kegerator!

This might seem a little weird, but I actually bought parts for a kegerator build before I bought any of my homebrew equipment! I guess the idea of ice cold beer on tap 24/7 was a little too tempting!

I bought a fridge on ebay for £5 (approx $10USD), and was surprised to find that it was in near new condition! I then purchased a fantastic cornelius keg, brand new co2 bottle, co2 regulator and 2 chrome through-door beer taps from a nice chap called Norman. If I tried to explain how good his service was, how superior his products were, and how happy I am to have chosen to buy my kegerator parts from Norm, I’d be here all day. Check out his kegerator parts ebay shop.

My Home-built Kegerator!

My Home-built Kegerator!

The build was pretty simple, the only thing that went wrong was when I tried to spray expanding foam around the tap shanks to insulate the rather messy hole that I had made in the fridge door’s insulation. Stupidly I ignored the can’s instructions to wear latex gloves or put your hand in a plastic bag when using the expanding foam, and I was soon left with two hands absolutely covered in the impossible-to-remove white gunk. No amount of soap, paint thinner, white spirit, or any other cleaning chemical would remove this stuff from my skin – I eventually found that acetone would disolve it, but the only acetone I had was my mums tiny nail-polish remover pads, of which she only had two left! It took hours but I finally got my hands clean, but by this time I was so bloody fed up I went to the pub!

Needless to say I eventually got back to work on the fridge and all worked out fine – I now have a working beer fridge! but unfortunately, until me and my girlfriend move out in the summer, it’s staying in my mum’s shed. If you have any questions about the kegerator, or are thinking about building one yourself, feel free to comment and I’ll do my best to reply asap!
– Henry


3 responses to “The Kegerator!

  1. Very nice kegerator! You will love having homebrew beer on tap!

  2. $10? That’s it. That’s a pretty good deal. Looks nice too.

  3. I’m jealous. I can’t get a small fridge wide enough for two kegs in Japan.

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