A Homebrewer’s Introduction

As of this post, I have finally lost my blogging virginity; and it didn’t hurt half as much as I had anticipated!

Considering that I work as an online marketing consultant for an SEO firm in the UK, it’s pretty bizarre that I’ve never posted any kind of blog before. However, the time has come for me to break into the world of the almighty blog, and what better subject than beer?

I’ve not been homebrewing long, in fact I am somewhat of a rookie when it comes to brewing; my first batch was a hilarious disaster as I decided to have a shot at brewing an all-grain pale ale without any research into the brewing process! This resulted in a very weak (low-temp, 20 minute mash), extremely bitter (150IBUs anyone?), wheat beer (yep, I didn’t realise that wheat malt wasn’t barley!).

Following this disasterous ultra-bitter mess, I decided to do things properly. A quick trip to my local homebrew shop and a much lighter wallet later, I had a single-fermentation setup, capable of a 2-gallon boil (3-gallon batch) brew. This setup is the same that I now use, but will soon be upgraded to a full-boil setup when I buy a 5-gallon mash ton next month.

Now that I have the correct equipment to brew reasonable quality beers, I will be recording every brew day in this blog. I’ll also hopefully be showcasing real ale reviews, event reviews, and homebrew tutorials, so be sure to bookmark this page and subscribe to my RSS feed!

Thanks for reading,
– Henry


One response to “A Homebrewer’s Introduction

  1. One of my really good friends is an SEO freak. I expect your blog to rank number 1 in google in a week 🙂

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